Community Welfare

The Community Welfare Wing at the High Commission of Pakistan at Kuala Lumpur is actively involved in providing maximum facility to the Pakistani community in Malaysia. This Wing will provide assistance to all Pakistanis about issues originating in Malaysia and also with resolution of problems back home in Pakistan.

Other core responsibilities of this wing include:

  • 1. Attestation of the demand of Pakistani workers by the Malaysian companies.
  • 2. Safeguarding the rights and ensuring the welfare of the Pakistani workers in Malaysia
  • 3. Resolution of disputes and complaints involving Pakistani workers and Malaysian employers.
  • 4. Prompt repatriation of bodies of dead Pakistanis
  • 5. Providing consular service to detained Pakistanis

For any query please email us at

Attestation Procedure for the Demand of Labour

1. The following Basic Documents (samples available in “Sample Docs” file, attached herewith), duly attested by the NOTARY PUBLIC, and countersigned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Malaysia (Wisma Putra), Putrajaya, require attestation / endorsement of the High Commission for processing of demand in Pakistan:

  • i. Demand Letter by the employer for OEC / OES / any licensed private OEP.
  • ii. Power of Attorney by the employer, authorizing OEC / OES / OEP to act as his legal attorney in Pakistan, for processing of demand, collection of CVs, medical etc.
  • iii. Foreign Service Agreement (FSA) / Employment Contract between the Malaysian employer and Pakistani employee. The attested contract is submitted to the Protector of Emigrants to counter check the terms and conditions of the contract, offered by the Malaysian employer with that which would be signed by the Pakistani worker and the OEP / Legal Attorney of the employer, in Pakistan, before the Protector of the Emigrants.
  • iv. The Affidavit of the Employer stating therein that the company will neither amend / change nor enter into or prepare a separate / new contract with the Pakistani workers before or after their arrival in Malaysia or during the continuance of their contract in Malaysia.

Note:      The Employer / Managing Director, or his authorized Director, MUST sign and affix    stamp (the company seal) on each page of the above documents.

2. The employer is required to submit the following Additional Documents (samples of i, ii & iii below are available in "Sample Docs" file, attached herewith), along with the above mentioned three documents, requiring endorsement / attestation of the High Commission:

  • i. A formal letter addressed to the CWA, requesting endorsement / attestation of the above mentioned documents.
  • ii. A formal letter addressed to the High Commission for Malaysia, Islamabad, or Consulate General of Malaysia, Karachi, requesting endorsement of employment visas.
  • iii. In case the Employer is processing his demand of foreign workers through his authorized representative / Human Resource (HR) Company / Consultant, a formal Authority Letter of the Employer to this effect (sample is available in “Sample Docs” file, attached herewith) is required.
  • iv. Approval Letter of the Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry (KHEDN) in original (which will be returned immediately after scrutiny and seen / stamped at the time of return of attested documents)
  • v. A Certified English translation (attested by Wisma Putra) of the Approval Letter, issued by KHEDN. This is required even under the new procedure of the Ministry of Home Affairs Malaysia, effective from August 1, 2005. The High Commission would ensure attestation of demand documents, within one full working day, if the approval letter has been issued under the new system.
  • vi. The latest “Company Information” (ENGLISH VERSION) obtained from Companies Commission of Malaysia (13th Floor, The Mall Shopping Complex, opposite Hotel Pan Pacific, Kuala Lumpur) / any other authority, where employer organization is registered.
  • vii. Company Information / Certificate (certified copy) should contain, in addition to other details, the following information, being public in nature:
    • a. Names of Directors of the company, including Managing Director signing the legal documents of the demand.
    • b. The financial statement, being public document, including latest balance sheet and profit and loss account as submitted in the companies commission
    • c. Nature of business of the company
  • viii. Company Profile (with full contact information including email and website address), containing:
    • a. Corporate information of the company (all sectors)
    • b. Production facilities (Manufacturing sector)
    • c. Completed and running projects, with brief details (construction / service sector - cleaning / cargo) – at least one or two running projects / contracts, commensurate with the number of workers demanded are MUST.
    • d. CIDB Registration Certificate (construction sector)
    • e. Land / estate ownership and tenancy / lease documents duly attested / certified by the concerned revenue authorities (agriculture / plantation sector) 
    • f. Total number of existing local and foreign workers (all sectors)
  • ix. Original receipt of consular fee (as per details given below), as non-refundable processing charges, deposited in the High Commission's Bank Account (No. 10-002-001441-3, maintained at Affin Bank Berhad, Central Branch, Ground Floor, 80, Menara Affin, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50788 Kuala Lumpur)
    • a) If number of workers is 10 or less RM 100.00
    • b) If number of workers is 11 to 50 RM 200.00
    • c) If number of workers is 51 to 100 RM 250.00
    • d) If number of workers is 101 to 200 RM 300.00
    • e) If number of workers is more than 200 RM 400.00
  • x. A copy of Malaysian IC / passport and business card of the Managing Director
  • xi. A copy of Malaysian IC / passport and business card of the authorized representative of the Employer / HR Company’s MD.
  • xii. Check List of Documents (Sample attached): Please submit with each application duly signed by the Employer and the representative.
  • xiii. The Employer and the authorized representative person / company should provide their email addresses to this High Commission for intimation of necessary information, circulars / notices, etc.
  • xiv. The business card of the employer and his authorized representative should be provided with each case for information of the High Commission.
  • xv. The Submission & Delivery of Demand Documents:
    • a. The complete set of documents may be submitted by employer* or his authorized representative** or the concerned Pakistani Overseas Employment Promoter (personally) to this High Commission for attestation, from 0930 - 1130 hours on consular services days i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. A formal receipt will be issued to the person submitting the documents. The High Commission may not interact with any irrelevant person except the employer / authorized representative / Pakistani OEP.
    • *      “Employer” includes Managing Director, listed Director, General Manager, Human Resource Manager or any other permanent employee of the Malaysian employer

    • **Authorized representative” includes any Malaysian national who is working for any other            Malaysian registered company but excludes free lance individuals.

    • b. In case of submission of complete documents and on satisfaction of the officer concerned the attested documents will be returned from 1130 -1200 hours on the very next working / consular services day. The employer / authorized representative / Pakistani OEP, should bring original Approval Letter of KHEDN at the time of collection of documents for endorsement. The documents may not be returned without the original Approval Letter of KHEDN.
    • c. The High Commission will not accept the demand documents for attestation in case any one or more of the following documents are missing: i. Payment Receipt (as per calculations at para 2 sub para vii above) ii. Original Approval Letter of KHEDN (which will be seen and returned) iii. The Authority Letter by the employer in favour of his representative iv. Certified copy of the report of the companies commission (ROC)
    • d. In case the above four necessary documents are provided, but the case is incomplete for want of any other document, a letter to the employer will be faxed or a copy will be provided to his representative on the same day. The documents will be received and a formal receipt will be issued to the person submitting the documents.
    • e. The employer or his representative may resubmit the required documents (as per the letter of the High Commission) at 1145 hours on any consular services day. However, the reply letter should be formally signed by the employer and it should be complete in all respects in order to avoid further queries by the High Commission. The High Commission reserves the right not to respond to the incomplete replies.
    • f. If the requisite documents, together with a formal and complete reply, are re-submitted on one working day at 1145 hours, the attested legal documents will be returned on the next working / consular services day at 1145 hours.
    • g. In order to ensure timely processing of the demand documents, it has been decided to receive only 15 (FIFTEEN) applications on each working day from 0930 – 1130 hours on each working day. The allocation of numbers will be done on first come first serve basis. The sixteenth applicant may take number for the next working day and must come on the designated time after which the High Commission may not be able to process his / her application.
    • h. Fast Lane for Employers: The High Commission has decided to accord top most priority to the employers, in order to facilitate them and to minimize the role of the middlemen. Therefore, there will be a fast lane for the employer who comes personally to submit the documents. He will not have to wait in the queue. He will be straightaway taken to the Counsellor’s room and his case will be entertained immediately after the one in hand.
    • The employer over here means the Managing Director or the Director who has signed the documents. No other person may avail this facility.

    • i. The employers and their authorized representatives are informed that the procedure for change of Overseas Employment Promoter is very tedious and difficult, because the Power of Attorney, which they execute in favour of their partner OEP in Pakistan, is irrevocable. Therefore, they should make necessary inquires about the credentials, capacity and credibility of the Pakistani OEP before placing any order of demand.
    • j. In case of the change of OEP for the reason of late submission of the bio-data / CVs to the employer, the employer may submit a formal application to this Mission which will be sent to the Director General, Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, who will direct the OEP to provide necessary CVs to his principal (employer) in Malaysia. In case of default, the Director General may permit the change of OEP. This Mission can not automatically change the OEP attest new documents. However, if the first OEP gives his NOC, in writing, to the employer for such a change then the Mission can attest the new documents. Previously, we could change the OEP if the documents were not collected from this Mission. Henceforth, once the application is submitted in the High Commission there will be no change in the OEP.

NOC for the repatriation of dead body

The following documents are needed for the issuance of the NOC for the repatriation of dead body to Pakistan

  • 1. Application from the claimant of the body along with his / her passport / CNIC copies and Malaysian visa (if applicable).
  • 2. Flight schedule for transportation of dead body along with consignee details (full address and telephone number in Pakistan).
  • 3. Passport copy of the deceased.
  • 4. Acknowledgement by the Medical Officer on the cause of death (Post Mortem).
  • 5. Death certificate issued by the National Registration Department of Malaysia.
  • 6. If the cause of death is "Pending Investigation", an Affidavit must be obtained from the immediate relatives of the deceased (Father, mother, siblings) undertaking their consent for transportation of dead body to Pakistan.