General INSTRUCTIONS for Processing/Submitting NICOPs/POCs Application Forms

NICOPS and POC should be applied for online from

1. This form is to be filled in by all non-resident citizens specified in rule 4 of the National Database and Registration Authority (National Identity Card) rules 2002.

2. Please fill in the form in BLACK INK and clearly print or type only in CAPITAL letters and avoid contact with the edges of the box. A block may be left empty where ever a word ends and a new word begins in the same line.

3. Avoid any overwriting and other mistakes while filling the form. Please make sure the form is filled as neatly as possible. If there are any mistakes in the form, please fill in a new form. Exact photocopies of the form are only acceptable on A4 size paper.

4. Wherever small choice field boxes ❑ are provided in the form, the box adjacent to the appropriate answer is to be ticked or checked " 'like "

5. Signature or, if illiterate, thumb impression of left hand of the applicant is required (parent/guardian may sign in case of inability on part of the applicant). Left hand thumb impression is mandatory to be fixed in the "Applicant's Left Thumb Impression box" in field 28.

6. Attach original Bank Receipt with this form.


NADRA accepts no responsibility for any error in the card if it is not attributable to office mistake.

  • VALIDITY: NICOP is valid for 7 years by paying US $ 25 or its equivalent according to the currency of respective country for Pakistanis living in Northern America, Europe, Far East and Australia exempting Pakistani workers in Middle East, Malaysia etc. For remaining Countries NICOP is valid for 10 years by paying US$ 15 or its equivalent according to the currency of respective country.


NICOP is issued to the following categories of Pakistani citizens. Applicants may tick mark or shade only one applicable category in the following order of preference:

a. Emigrant/employment abroad: A Pakistani citizen who is an "emigrant" as defined in the Emigration Ordinance 1979 who is required to register his foreign services agreement, contract or letter of employment with the Protector of Emigrants.

b. Dual Nationality Holders: A Pakistani citizen holding both Pakistani and Foreign citizenship/nationality with proof of such citizenship/nationality.

c. Resident/Immigrants Visa holders: A Pakistani citizen holding a resident or immigrant visa or equivalent visa / authorization, permit or status of a foreign country.

d. Resident or Intending to Reside Abroad: Any Pakistani citizen residing or intend to reside abroad for a period exceeding six months and not falling in any of the categories defined in a, b and c above.

Following persons are also included in this category.

i. Dependent: Dependents of emigrants / workers employed abroad / accompanying them abroad.
ii. OPF Members: Members of OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) are also included in this category.
iii. Others: All other persons proceeding or residing abroad for business, visit or any other purpose.


Following persons are exempted from payment of fee for NICOP on producing satisfactory evidence of their status.

a. Government Servants on Duty / Training Abroad: Applicants who are in the service of Pakistan or in the service of local authority or a corporation owned or controlled by the Federal or Provincial Government and are proceeding abroad on Government duty or posting abroad or on duty or for employment with any international organization or for the Federal Government.

b. Dependents of the above: Dependent spouse, real children, parents, brothers and sisters of persons specified in para "a" above who are accompanying them.


Pakistan High Commission processes NICOPs/POCs of the Pakistani expatriates based in Malaysian manually by submitting Application Forms in the High Commission which are sent to NADRA HQ for further processing like printing and dispatch. The following documents are required to be attached with the application form:

  • Original Bank Receipt
  • Two Recent Photographs with Blue background.
  • Clear Photocopy of valid Pakistani Passport bearing valid visa.
  • Clear photo copy of valid Foreign Passport (for Dual National only)
  • Clear Photocopy of Pakistani B-Form/CRC / MNIC/CNIC/NICOP (If available).
  • Clear Photocopy of Spouse/Father/Mother BForm/CRC / NIC/CNIC/NICOP (If available).
  • Birth Certificate (For first time registration only).
  • Head of the family NIC/CNIC/NICOP Card Copy.
  • Birth certificate ( For First Time registration only)
  • Marriage Certificate (For first time registration as married person)
  • Police report in the local Police Station (In case of Lost CNIC/NICOP).
  • For Change / modification original NICOP will be attached with the application.

Collection of NICOPs/POCS from the High Commission:

The applicants are requested to check the status of their NICOPs/POCs from the NADRA website by their respective Receipt Numbers. On printed dispatched information, the applicants should collect their cards on production of the original receipts.

Note: Applicants are requested to collect their Cards at the earliest to avoid many problems as non-collections or delayed response may create many unforeseen problems for them being staying in a Foreign Land.

(Field 4 to 13 w• appropriately as you would like it to appear on the card.

NIC number (Field 5 to 14 where applicable):

All numbers must be written without dashes, leave unusedspaces BLANK.• here applicable):

If any of the names is larger than the space provided, you MUST abbreviate it Visible mark of ID (Field 16):

Mark must be visible on face, hands or feet. Do not mention marks at places which are covered by• clothes. Compress your wording into the space provided. Longer description will be automatically TRUNCATED which might make it illegible.

Country of Stay (Field 17): For names which are longer than the space provided, please use universally accepted acronyms /• abbreviation e.g. USA, UK, UAE, etc.

Date of Birth (Field 18): If exact date is not known, at least year of birth must be mentioned.•

Place and Country of issue of Pakistani/Foreign passport, Please indicate City and Country both.• Address (Field 23• & 24):

Please fill in complete address as you would like it to appear on the card. Abbreviate longer names appropriately so that they remain understandable.

One Pakistani address is mandatory.

E-Mail / Telephone / Mobile No. (Field 25): Kindly mentioned all of these for better / swift customer services.• Field 27: Applicant has to mention his own Blood Group in this column.• Field 28: Select appropriate boxes.•

Photo, Thumb or Signature: They MUST not exceed allotted space otherwise they will be truncated.• Financials: Fill out payment details in lower right corner of the form and attach original deposit slip/bank draft.• Reference detail (Field 33) - Mandatory Field : Applicant must fill this column and provide CNIC/NICOP number of his / her• Blood Relative. Blood Relative covers following relations (Real Father/Mother, Real Brother/Sister, Real Son/Daughter, Grand Father / Grand Mother). FOR MODIFICATION / CHANGE IN ALREADY ISSUED NICOP Kindly highlight the field (s) which you want to modify (original card is required to be surrendered). ", your card will be sent at the concerned Embassy/Card Distribution Point. Note: In case home delivery is not checked "

NADRA has advised that applicants of NICOP & POC in Malaysia may deposit their fees in local currency (Malaysian Ringgit) as per following details: